Xenoblade Chronicles - Time to Fight! Cover Feat. Happyricepaddle (Violin)

My first Youtube Collaboration with an awesome video game violinist Happyricepaddle!

Check out her Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/happyricepaddle

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Final Fantasy Tactics - Antipyretic on Piano and Bass Guitar

So there was the Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call Contest that I wanted to participate in, and apparently I did not abide to the first rule of the contest, which was that everyone covers the “Main Theme” for Final Fantasy. So I found this out when I was literally trying to upload the video and it was not going through. Sadly, I thought we got to choose a song from any Final Fantasy and cover it, but I was wrong. :(

So I still had friends and other people requesting me to upload the video anyway, so here it is, me having to speed up the music just to fit the 1:30 rule lol

FirahFabe - Speakeasy (Original)

When I was writing this, I was picturing a battle theme for an RPG that would take place in a 1940’s bar. I included some jazz and rock influences in this piece.

Also, the title is actually a slang that defines bars that sell illegal alcoholic beverages.

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